Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2024

Strengthen your courage! Take an easy and relaxed way!

Courage is like a muscle to practice. Whoever starts with weak muscles should exercise carefully and slowly and then become stronger. Don’t push yourself! This course gives you the necessary inspiration. 
You have enough courage in you. Find your own way. You don't have to be a (courage) muscle hero. And stop accusing yourself of being a coward! That only discourages you even more. 
Relax and trust that you will go the right way and be courageous when necessary!
The course consists of a blend of exercises. I offer you methods from NLP, hypnotherapy and trauma work to support you. 

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Feedback on udemy:

“Thank you for the very helpful course! I really like how the information was presented in a relaxed and calm manner. As an introverted person, I appreciate this style of teaching the most. The examples and exercises helped me to start thinking of how I might shift my mindset to a more holistic way of evaluating and navigating difficult situations. I will come back to this course again because I found it so refreshing.”
M. D.

“A great course!! I thoroughly enjoyed the content!!!”
​​​​​​​Shelly Lynn Johnston