Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2024

Stop torturing yourself! A simple way to start loving yourself more

Many people torture themselves in hiding or openly - maybe you too. Self-torture is painful. That's why you need a thick shell that makes you insensitive and hard.
Stop it! Find more care for yourself!! This course shows you the way.
Self-torment knows many forms: You can push yourself mercilessly, you don't forgive yourself mistakes and weakness. You can torture your body by ruthlessly exploiting and suppressing it. Or you can live in a way that doesn't give you joy, but makes you more and more a robot.
Finish that! The less you torture yourself, the more relaxed and joyful your life will be. You are in harmony with yourself, act as it satisfies you and enjoy life.
 I invite you on this way!

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Feedback on udemy:

“This course brought more healing to me by learning my ways of self torture and understanding it at its roots. I highly recommend it.”
Fatima Rashid

“The course is exactly what I need at this stage in my life. I have never actually thought about how I treat my body (Even though I am pretty healthy and look after it pretty well). This course has helped me make a better connection.“
Vincent John Page

“This A+ course is for everybody who wants to shut up their inner critic, ESPECIALLY for people who want to learn to love themselves, instead of cutting themselves, and their parents, teachers, and of course for coaches, therapists, healers and other medical people. It's a course about becoming aware of the way you talk to yourself, facing fear, forgiving and loving yourself. With solutions and reasons why people emotionally or physically torture themselves. Fab exercises to experience how it feels to treat yourself in a nice way. Also to experiment how it FEELS to change your job, relationship, etc. without any fear.”
Ivon Timmermans