Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2024

Accept all your inner parts and transform your problems!

Master course: Live with joy and power! 

This course gives you understanding about yourself, your inner tensions and your resources.
There is an unique world of your inner parts. You could say that every feeling (your pressure!”), every behavior, every thought is created by one of our inner parts. 
So in recent years I have integrated this concept into my practical work and seminars.
This long and intensive internet course developed from my training in China to the inner parts (twice 5 days). I made this course in such a way that it lasts 14 days. Each day contains theoretical explanations, guided imaginaries and tasks until the next day. 
Book the course only if you are ready for such engagement! 

103 lessons, 7,3 hours 

Price 79,99 USD
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Feedback on udemy:

“I really enjoyed this course. I am grateful to go through all topic and I can use it in my life and work as well. Thank you very much.“
Julianna Szamado

“Yes it was a good match for me. Good ideas concepts and techniques to help anyone find themselves in growing deep in their experience in life.”
John E. Lynch