Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2024

Allow yourself to feel (occasionally) stupid! A new way to freedom

Being stupid or appearing stupid is terrible for most people - maybe for you too! And that's how you limit yourself and make yourself tight.
Find more your inner freedom! This course shows you the way.
 As a child we wanted to belong to our family and the environment. That's why we tried hard to understand the world of adults as quickly as possible. We felt ashamed when we seemed to be stupid. And today, as adults, we stress to appear as someone who is error-free, intelligent, and has an overview of everything!
If you allow yourself to admit that sometimes you know nothing or little, you will gain looseness and joy of playing. Practical exercises in the course will show you the way out of the old trap.
With your honesty you reach other people better and are more trustworthy and convincing as a personality. 
I invite you on this way!

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Feedback on udemy:

“So simple yet so touching. I loved it “
Giulia Loiacono

“I love the approach Bertold took to the material! It helped me discover that, while I often feel stupid, I am actually curious, trusting, generous and social by nature - admirably suited to the career change I am undertaking. I wept while exploring the relationship between feeling stupid and shame. Obviously, this has been an issue for me. Oddly, much of my shame dissipated once truly felt and understood. Bertold's manner of speaking, pace (and accent) were deeply reassuring which supported these self-discoveries in me. I would have given the course an even higher rating if it had been a little longer and explored the link between feeling stupid and shame in more detail. Otherwise, it was an excellent course. Thank you Bertold!”
Corina Blansjaar

“Brilliant little free course on fearing the feeling of stupidity! I struggled with this idea a lot and Bertold beautifully pieces together why it hurts so much.”
Karis T.