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Be free – drop your bad conscience and your guilt


How you understand and dissolve personal guilt


Guilt is not an unity. Sometimes you feel guilty because you act against your inner standards, sometimes you feel guilty because you hurt someone. Sometimes guilt serves as a protection against feeling pain and helplessness, sometimes it shows you the deep connection you have with the misery of other human beings. 

The solutions for these diverse types are totally different! In this course you will discover and differentiate the most important types of guilt in your life and in the life of others. And with this understanding you can transform your guilt. In order to have a happier and peaceful live!


55 lessons, 3,5 hours


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Feedback on udemy

“It’s an eyeopener”

“Gosh Bertold, he has this gentle lovely voice that is so deeply soothing. For that alone, even if the content wasn’t rich, I would say get the course if your are suffering. The content though is rich and full of wise observations, ie about our inner rebel who contradicts what we set out to do and then sabotages our efforts which then of course produces guilt. The only flaw is not his, I don’t know if I am missing a feature but I have to keep pressing the screen to move to the next part which is v annoying because I can’t ever multi task etc. Anyway though, thank you B, for a lovely voice, a thoughtful course and soothing my guilty insides.”

“It’s really very helpful. simple practices but very powerful.”

“excellent information, for everyone and anyone”


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