Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2024

Overcome your overweight! Transform your need for food through understanding your emotions

This is not about diet! This is not about pushing you to more self-control and making you’re a bad conscience if you fail. This course shows you the way to explore deeper causes of your desire for food and obesity. Once you have realized this, the path is open for you to explore new ways to better cope with your body. 

What will you learn in this course?
    • You understand the causes of your longing for food
    • You transform these causes
    • You deal with your anger and your pain
    • You meet your longing for closeness and security
    • You gain a new understanding for yourself

I offer you my insights of 40 years working with people. Take what you can use!
Lessons and insights are rooted in NLP, family constellations, trauma therapy and hypnotherapy. 
Explore deeper to reduce your drive to eat. Make the move!

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Feedback on udemy:

„The course was beyond my expectation. I fall in love with his attitude. fell lucky to work with him:):):) Thank youvery much dear Bertold. Things have changed very quickly:):):)“
Nihan Söher Özkan

“This course was very interesting and diferente of what I expected. I really had good insights during the exercises and I know exactly what is the next concrete step I will take. Thank you!"
Daniela Volkmann

“Very good for self analysis. May be possible to apply to other areas of life.”