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End the suffering in your love relationship!


End the suffering in your love relationship!

Discovering the deeper roots of your frustration, anger, fear and pain


A lot of suffering in a relationship is caused by old wounds. We all try to avoid and to escape them, but this is not possible. When you allow somebody to come closer to your heart – it is inevitable that they come up. You need to distinguish the actual reality from the negative energy of your past. This course contains essential insights of my seminars of the last 25 years. Two basic exercises show you how to realize these insights.


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“It is presented in a calm and comfortable way to want you to listen and take it in. It is extremely relevant.”


„Deep and meaningful, loved it.“


“Thank you so much for this precious gift, Bertold. Your exercises are so well designed, and I really got so much out of them! I appreciate your sharing this course so much! I had a certain acrimony between me and a grown-up child that I used in the course since I'm not in a relationship right now. I am so happy to report that the exercises were structured loosely enough that I was able to use them to create much needed space in the relationship instead of my go-to move of cutting off anyone who shows me anger. Thank you for such a thoughtful course and for offering it! It is so valuable!“


“Excellent work and excellent practices ! Bertold is a wonderfully insightful teacher!”


“Thank you, very enlightening. I learned a lot in a short period of time. Great meditation exercises, I will use them! I'm happy that you encouraged us to nourish this knowledge and be patient with the unfolding.”


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