Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2024

Be happy - drop your inner pressure to be perfect! How you find a more relaxed way through life

The need always to be perfect can be like a curse. You force and push yourself endlessly. And - as you know - you never succeed.
This course shows you how this almost automatic pressure to be perfect works, where it comes from and how you can overcome it. So you can let go of your unnecessary stress. This will bring more joy into your life at the same time.
The goal is not to be sloppy and careless in the future, but to know when and how much effort you want to make to be flawless. My point is: Nothing against perfectionism - if you are a pilot as your passenger I will be happy. But if you are my best friend who always is tense I would prefer to see you with more fun and joy.  
Practical exercises, which I also use in my seminars, teach you to do the helpful steps to reach there. 
So if you suffer from your perfectionism and you want to find a new way out of old patterns – this is your course.

2 hours 15 minutes

Price 24,99 USD
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