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How childhood and family history affect our happiness


How childhood and family history affect our happiness.

Facts of the past which may influence you


Many people underestimate the power of certain facts of the past. This course teaches you which facts are important and in which way they, often, affect people. So you may find reasons for, sometimes, strange emotions and moods. Anger, fear, depression or guilt suddenly make sense.

Knowing the facts and understanding their influence is the very first and big step for change.





“This is an excellent introduction into the connection we have to our ancestors. Very clear examples and open questions which encourage me to look into my own past as a curious, interested person, instead of being judgmental or critical. Very powerful exercises to help you connect with past events/persons who may affect your daily life.”


“It is fascinating to me, clearly explained, revealing answers to questions I have had for a long time.”


“I love the clarity and integrity with which Bertold Ulsamer presents this work. I am a facilitator myself and I always appreciate different perspectives and grounded explanations. Thank you so much for offering this course for free, it is a wonderful contribution to the common good. I will share this through my fb page.“ 


“Thank you Bertold for such a clear and useful course. I can imagine sending people to it as a prelude to then attending family constellations workshop.”


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