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From being a single to a fulfilling partnership: Remove your barriers and open yourself to a new love!


Why many singles long for a love relationship but do not find one? The reason lies in the internal resistance to a new relationship. In their heart, they don't completely want it!
This course uncovers your hidden barriers to partnership and shows you how to eliminate them. Finding a new love is beyond your control – but you can prepare yourself to receive it. It may be very close …

28 lessons, 2,5 hours

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Feedback on udemy

“Very good course! I love how soothing the instructors voice is as well as how intrinsic the course is. It makes you search within yourself to see what you really want out of life.”
Joel Brown

“The course is much better than I anticipated. The instructor is quite aware and intelligent without coming across braggartly. The only downfall at this juncture is more just humorous rather than a "problem". Did he really think that he had put any of us into a hypnotic state? Hahaha“ 
Wesley Brooks Malvini

“Dear Mr. Ulsamer, Thank you for creating this course and offering it for free. I'm married and I was going through the course content anyway to see if it would be suitable for my single friend. I enjoyed the way you speak and explain things, and all the meditations. I cried so much through the course! I believe this is helping my relationship with my husband. Keyword: 'fulfilling relationship'!“
Stephanie Shek