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Solve your inner conflicts with NLP!


Solve your inner conflicts with NLP!

How you negotiate with yourself and develop new solutions


Inner conflicts are a constant source of unrest. So may one part of you want improvement and success in your carrier while another part prefers family life and relaxation. Or one part would like to be fit and do sports while another would rather stay in front of the TV to watch the newest show.

This seven step course teaches you how to deal with your inner conflicts and how to find the solutions that are tailored to your wellbeing. With this, you will be able to focus your energy instead of having it work in opposing directions!    

Then you manage to better account for all of your needs. You will develop intelligent and creative solutions. You will be more content with yourself and more relaxed and you reach what you truly desire.

What does this course offer for you?
You get to know your own diverse parts better
You get to distinguish better between your different needs
You get to discover the value of these differences
You get to find new ways, to support yourself instead of blocking
You get to lessen the inner pressure that you are building up for yourself
You get to focus your energy more effectively on your goals

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Feedback on udemy

“We all have different impulses, tensions in our body. One inner voice fighting with your other inner voice. One part of you wants to do THIS and one part of you rather wants to do THAT. Especially if you are your own biggest critic, Bertold gives 7 easy steps to work this out, so your inner voices don't block each other any more.  In 7 little meditations, which you can do in one time, or in 7 little steps. He teaches you how to let the voices be heard and then negotiate an outcome that supports a common goal in life. So you can fulfill your goals and dreams. Instead of beating yourself up.”  
Ivon Timmermans

“nice pace, good and experienced instructor”
Emma M.


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