Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2024

How love succeeds: Stop being bored – become more alive!

specially in longer relationships boredom and frustration can occur in everyday life as well as in sexuality. But jealousy and love affairs can also become a major topic of conflict. These are main topics of the course!
You learn how to take responsibility for your part of the problems and how to bring more vitality and fulfillment into your life together. Love for a man or woman is something very precious and sensitive. Become the best possible gardener of your love!
This course is one of three courses on the theme of how love succeeds in a love relationship. The other two are “Solve your conflicts” and “Heal your wounds of the past”. All three belong together and complement each other.
These three courses are the fruit of 40 years of my work as a therapist and seminar leader. And it is the fruit of being 21 years a husband! Lessons and insights are rooted in NLP, hypnotherapy, family constellation, trauma therapy and communication psychology.

5 hours


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