Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2024

How love succeeds: Free yourself from the past! Leave the weakening influence of childhood, family and of your personal life behind you!

Much of your suffering is caused by old wounds. If you don't want to admit them (and we all do), then they come up in the current relationship.
This course helps you to deal with the forgotten pain.  Many wounds go back to childhood. Some also go back to previous relationships or to an abortion. This past negatively influences your present relationship.
Only when you understand the roots of your present feelings you find appropriate responses in your actual relationship. This course is teaching you what you need!
Of course there will continue to be situations in love where you feel frustrated, angry or hurt. But when you have learned to distinguish, your feelings no longer overwhelm you, so you can react appropriately.
Meet your partner as a strong and loving adult - not as a helpless child!

3 hours, 20 minutes


Price 34,99 USD
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