Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2024

Be (sometimes) more crazy! An exciting way to more freedom

If you always act reasonably and logically, then you are boring and predictable. A little more craziness frees you and gives you more joy in life. This course wants to encourage you for this path.
First you deal with your compulsion to always be rational. You look at the fears that hold you in your straitjacket. What would you risk if you get crazier? And you find your personal way to oscillate between reason and craziness.
You don't have to go mad! But if at times you can allow yourself to be a little weird, you meet your spontaneity and liveliness. New doors open.
Try it! 

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Feedback on udemy:

“Absolutely brilliant introduction to the subject area. Giving the individual the opportunity to explore openness to all Thank you”
Carol Jenkin

“Dear Bertold, thank you for this course! I really enjoyed your courses. It was a very clear and very interesting course. I strongly recommend it to those who love self development. Once again, thank you so very much!“
Cin Hapsari

“I am a big fan of his. This course showed me my craziness and helped me accept it and see its already existing evidence of it in my life.”
Fatima Hashid