Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2024

Methods against sleeplessness


Get the sleep you need, every night!

Lying in bed awake every night, futilely turning from one side to the other, incapable of falling asleep – What torture!
This course offers many possibilities that help to finally get the sleep you are longing for.
It starts out with several exercises that help you to relax – in spite of disturbing thoughts, tensions and emotions. From there on you will learn to identify barriers, brought on by your current lifestyle that can influence your sleep. Finally, you will discover the underlying roots of your tensions and troubling emotions/thoughts, learn to deal with and rid yourself of them.
Each of these exercises will bring you one step further away from your daily stress and closer to the inner peace that is vital for a good night’s sleep.


30 lessons, 2,5 hours

Regular Price 49,99 USD