Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2024

Free yourself from the stress and the pressure you're under! Transform your tensions in joy and power

More and more people are complaining about the constant stress and pressure they feel. At work. In the relationship. In their free time. Everywhere the demands and thus the own tensions rise. If you also know this, then this course is just right for you.
19 lessons of this course will help you to find ways to liberate yourself from pressure. You will recognize how the pressure comes about and which deeper causes are behind it. And you learn what you can do about it. You change your perspective, expand your understanding and make new decisions.
In 6 practical exercises, which come from NLP, hypnotherapy and family constellations, you can immediately begin to transform your tensions into joy and strength.

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Feedback on udemy:

“Wonderful course. This is the second course i completed from Bertold Ulsamer and again, it has surpassed my hopes. I've learnt a lot about myself. And I feel less pressure already. :-) Thank you so much.”

“Every time I think about learning something or even opening my notebook, I feel this heaviness in my chest and so one day I decided to take this course and see what happens. There are several short but powerful meditations throughout the course. Every time I released something and with the one concerning family, I got a big surprise with the information that came up and I cried bucket! I've been feeling much lighter since finishing the course and I plan to retake it in case there are more similar stuff there. I've taken Mr. Ulsamar's courses a few times. I enjoy his teaching style. He explains everything clearly, never try to make students think certain ways but instead, he opens up my mind to new way of thinking. “
Stephanie Shek