Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2024

Solve your problems at their root! Discover your transgenerational loyalty and transform it!

If you have a persistent strong problem, its deepest possible root is the hidden loyalty to your own family history. 
This course will explain the background and show you the solutions. You may always have intense, stressful feelings like fear, depression, anger). Or you behave in a way that causes you difficulties and although you fight against, you have no success. These can be addictions, deliquent behaviour, being always the victim etc. Or you sabotage your goals and your happiness.
The reason for this is the hidden loyalty in a family. Children absorb feelings or behaviors from former family members and experience them in their lives - without realizing this connection. You have a loving connection to your family in the very depth, even if in real life there was quarrelling, separation, violence or lovelessness!
The first time you hear this, it sounds strange, but in my 20 years of work as a psychologist with family dynamics I have rediscovered it again and again.
If a problem has been haunting you for a long time, I invite you to look with me in this direction of the past of your family.

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Feedback on udemy:

“Great course taught with compassion, patience& skill”
Kiana Love

“Thank you for this deeply meaningful and therapeutic course. Very well done. “
M. D.

Shaista Zeeshan