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7 steps to deepen or heal the connection with your parents


7 steps to deepen or heal the connection with your parents.

The potent way to reach inner strength and relaxation


This course is an intensive personal journey which connects you with yourself and with your parents more deeply. For this you do not need the cooperation of your parents, you can do it all by yourself.

56 lessons provide you with the insights of more than 20 years of working on this topic: The first part contains 7 steps which will help you to find peace with your parents. The second part helps you to deal with barriers which might occur. They often have the roots in your larger system of your family of origin.

You will get in 4,5 hours the essence of a 5-day seminar. This course is practical and I will lead you through all the necessary steps.


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Feedback on udemy

“it was eye opening and transformative for me. I was able to truly see my parents and understand several layers in myself and them.”
Fatima Rashid

“This course has been amazingly powerful and transformative. I highly recommend to all. Berthold’s instructions/suggestions on the practices are very smooth and loving. His voice is tender and light. His English is very good too. It has been very experiential with a lot of explicative instructions. I feel a great improvement on my connection with my parents and a release of tensions too.”
Claudia Cioni 

“So many profound and moving exercises to do (and re-do again and again). Not just theory - lots of practical work.”
John Neville


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