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12. 5. – 18. 5. 2019

Cultural Differences and Common Grounds

International Seminar 2019 for Constellation Facilitators 
by Dr. Bertold Ulsamer 

in Germany, Sonnenhof, Hinterzarten (Black Forest - near Freiburg) 

his constellation seminar for participants from different countries is a journey together to broaden the horizon for other cultures and to reach to a deeper understanding of what unites us as human beings. 
Families in different cultures – what do they have in common? What are the differences?
Men and women in different cultures – what do they have in common? What are the differences? And what can bridge these differences?
Moreover: historical events are reflected in the microcosm of each family. They are also reflected in every individual - whether on the surface or in deeper emotional reactions.
The question is: What is the effect certain historical events have today, e.g. imperialistic wars and conquests of the 19th and 20th centuries, Third Reich, Cultural Revolution. In the seminar this does not remain an academic question, but may touch each participant in its depth.

The background of the seminar: Since 11 years I work twice each year in China and have lead 11 trainings in family constellations. Chinese particpants asked me if they could come to Germany and to be part of an international training. So we plan a seminar with (around) 15 Chinese, 5 German and 8 participants from other Western countries.
(So this is a unique chance for Westerners to learn more about China, its culture and its people!)

We work with constellations (personal issues and supervision cases), do constellation rituals and exercises or practice in small groups.

The training is meant for facilatators and clients with a long constellation experience who want to deepen their understanding – limited number 28 

Bertold Ulsamer has a degree in clinical Psychology and holds a PHD in law. Since 1995 he has lead workshops and facilitated trainings in Europe, USA and China. He is NLP-Trainer and did the 3-year training with Peter Levine in Trauma work ("Somatic Experiencing"). He is author of "The Healing Power of the Past" and "The Art and Craft of Leading Family constellation" and of 7 other books about constellation work in German. 
Personal remark: In the many years of leading family constellation I developed my personal style where I focus strongly on the issue of the client and I set up only the minimum which seems to be necessary for the issue. I use precise and skilful language to “translate” the energy of the field. So an unique balance between the basic dynamics of energy, order and reality grows. I love to teach and often can explain the reason of an intervention afterwards.To see my way of working will give you some new ideas for your own practice and how to develop more skills.

The plan for the first 3 days – and then we go on with the flow.
    1. Day: Different family structures and dynamics
    2. Day: Men and women – What separates us? What connects us?
    3. Day: The impact of historical events (war, third Rech, Cultural Revolution

5 days of training: Starting Sunday, 12. 5., 18.00 with dinner. Opening at 20.00 and finishing Saturday, 18. 5. 13.00 after lunch. 
One half day off in between: Wednesday (after lunch)

Daily working time around : 9.30 – 12.30, 14.30 - 17.00  The time between 17.00 and 18.30 will be used for practicing in smaller groups. 
Wednesday, 15. 5. after lunch will be the half day off. You will given suggestions for excursions on this day. 

Seminar Fee
700 Euro (€ 588,23 plus 19 % tax - MwSt) 
Food and accommodation are € 714,- in a single room, € 654,-  in a double room. They will be charged extra from the hotel.

The hotel “Sonnenhof” Freiburg is situated in the small village Hinterzarten in a beautiful landscape just in the Black Forest. The location is on the outskirts of Freiburg near the forest. 
This hotel is limited to 30 guests – that means it has room for 28 particpants (plus trainer and translator Chinese-English) in 12 single rooms and 8 double rooms – so it is good if you find someone to share a room.

Boarding contains breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the half day off you will only have lunch in Sonnehof and late dinner buffet. 

How to reach
Participants can reach Freiburg by train from Frankfurt or Zurich (2 hours). In Freiburg you can take a train 
From Freiburg you can take a small train to Hinterzarten or you take our bus from the railway station in Freiburg to the hotel in Sonnenhof direct Sunday 17.00 and back Saturday 13.00 Uhr
Shortly before the beginning of the seminar you will get more information about the bus transport.

Fees, payment 
The fee for the workshop is € 700.00 (non-refundable booking fee € 150.00 plus tuition € 650.00). 

Room and board is extra, depending on your choice of accommodation.  

After you got the message that you have a place, you pay € 150 as a deposit. Only then your registration is binding. The remaining fee for the seminar is € 550.

If you cancel by 31 March 2019 and your seat can be filled via the waiting list, you will receive a refund of € 100. Cancellations made after 1 April will not get a refund.
You may pay the remainder of the tuition and the fee for room and board in cash on the first day of the training. 
You may wire payment to Bertold Ulsamer, Sparkasse Freiburg, Germany, 
IBAN # DE05 6805 0101 0000 724836 SWIFT-BIC: FRSPDE66XXX   
or via paypal.

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