Montag, 6. April 2020

Family Constellation: Master Course


Family  Constellation:  Master Course. Change your life with this method! Discover your hidden family dynamics!


This course contains in 123 lessons the essence of my introductory book “The Healing Power of the Past” about the dynamics between children and parents, parents and children, men and women, the influence of ancestors, collective issues, different forms of constellations and so on.  
In 25 exercises the participant can discover the insights not only theoretically, but also practically. These guided imaginations allow to heal personal issues. And if somebody wants to become a facilitator of family constellation, this course is a great help!
I teach family constellations since more than 25 years in many parts of the world. In eight German books I have described the various aspects of this effective method – this is the master course.

123 lessons, 11,5 hours
Regular Price 119,99 USD

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