Sonntag, 5. April 2020

Overcome your shyness! Transform shyness through meeting your unconscious and your emotions


Some show their shyness in an open way, some hide it behind a mask and are harassed from the inside. The course helps you to transform your shyness by bringing your deeper energies to the surface. The course consists of a unique blend of exercises that touch all aspects of your shyness: the emotional, the practical and the unconscious. Using methods from NLP, hypnotherapy, trauma work and family constellation. After this course you can no longer be shy in your old way - you will change

20 lessons, 2,5 hours
Regular Price 39,99 USD
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“Dear Bertold, I gained so much from your shyness course. My heart felt thanks for helping me find more FUN in my life.” (e-mail I received)