Dienstag, 25. September 2018



Informations about seminars of Bert Hellinger: www.hellinger.com

The book "The Art and Practice of Family Constellation" (Bertold Ulsamer ) you get by Carl Auer International

Interesting articles you find www.constellationflow.com

www.wieslocher-institut.com Gunthard Weber, email: gunweber (at) aol.com (website in German)

www.hiddensymmetry.com Hunter Beaumont’s website

www.victoria-schnabel.com Sneh Victoria Schnabel’s website

www.zeigtucker.com Zeig, Tucker, Thiesen Publishing; for books and tapes 

Articles from Bertold Ulsamer:

Family Constellations According to Bert Hellinger

Does the family make us sick?

Order in love

International Similarities and Differences in Family Structure and Family Problems


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